Sir Caletto

Elite Hanoverian Stallion

Sir Caletto is approved for breeding by four registries: Hanoverian, ISR NA, Oldenburg (German) and Swedish. He himself was bred in Germany (the Hanoverian approved Holstein stallion Sandro to Hanoverian dam Calwiene) by Wolfgang Schwanke. He was then seen and purchased by Paul Schockemohle in Verden through Dr. Ulf Moller as a yearling. You may recognize Ulf Moller as the most capable dressage rider for Ullrich Kasselmann of Performance Sales International (PSI Auctions). 

Sir Caletto completed his hundred-day test in Medingen in 1999 with a score of 106.63, scoring 10 for jumping ability, technique and style and a 9.17 on freejumping, 8.0 on willingness to work and 7.0 for character and temperament. He was Champion of the jumping portion of his 100 Day Test with an index of 133.37. 

Sir Caletto is Hanoverian hip branded and was approved by the Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter on February 9, 2002.

Standing at Silverhorne Sporthorses.